Why Do I need a Cloud Identification Tool?

It provides you with real time access to behavior of your employees

All businesses are expected to have fully integrated the cloud into its day-to-day operations. Cloud service providers, such as Salesforce, Dropbox, etc. are also making it very easy for your employees to start using their services since they are delivered through a browser.
That’s great for your employee productivity, but as a CIO or business owner, this can lead to operational issues. After all, how are CIOs and IT departments supposed to keep track of all the services the employees are using? With a identification service like SaasWatch, you can start to identify and track usage of these services without policing your employees’ web behavior.

Reduce Costs

Identifying services that are in conflict of one another can help you negotiate a reasonable reduction in licensing costs for web-service, i.e., SAAS (software-as-a-service) providers. We at SaasWatch are mindful of costs and your time, so much that instead of playing tens of thousands of dollars for enterprise solutions that take months to implement. Our solution can be rolled out in minutes to your entire organization (we timed it!).

Auto Detection of New Services

SaasWatch continues to categorize and add newly released services that are being introduced in SAAS. This allows you to have a solution that will test the stand of time and help you answer questions from the data before its too late. With constant data wrangling, we are ensuring that we give you the best reports of unknown SAAS providers being used at your company.

Enhance Operational Efficiency

Is your company using two different CRM providers? How many email marketing providers is your marketing team using? By consolidating your SAAS licenses you can help solve operational deadlock between departments. Your employees know the best tools to use for their tasks at hand, by comparing already used services, the internal questions you need to ask from conflicting users becomes easier rather than publishing an RFP from scratch.

Solving for Identification

SaasWatch allows you to solve for visibility within your organization where you currently might not have any. Our goal is to help companies identify the problems and provide solutions to solve these problems. Join us in the journey to making this a reality by signing up for free. Tell us the problems you are running into and we will deliver solutions that will bring cloud efficiency and employee accountability to your organization.