How Cloud Software Increases Employee Productivity

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As a business owner, it’s important that you are not only using the most cost efficient tools but also the most effective. Using cloud software, also known as cloud computing or Software as a Service (SaaS), provides many advantages to your company including a drastic increase in employee productivity.

Mobile Access
Using cloud software will provide both you and your employees with mobile access to any documents or data needed. This not only open up your company to an abundantly larger pool of potential employees who work remotely, but also allows employees to work from wherever they may be. Whether it is that they’re stuck in the waiting room of their doctor’s office, or away on business, cloud software provides them with the same access to information that they would receive at home or in the office.

Collaboration Made Easy
Collaboration between employees in an office is often difficult and time consuming. Going back and forth using email to send relevant files is a thing of the past when using cloud software, as it gives your employees access to the files they need immediately. Without this software, time is often wasted waiting around for an email response, making collaboration difficult, and often frustrating.

Disaster Proof
In the unfortunate event that a computer gets a virus or there is a fire, important files can be lost unless they were recently backed up. While some companies choose to manually back up their computers at the end of each workday, it’s often a task that is brushed aside or looked over. If employees work on documents directly within the cloud, their work is automatically saved and will remain on the cloud unless manually deleted, preventing them from having to do double work when files are lost.

Increased Production Speed

This is when the time saved by using cloud software really makes a difference. Studies have shown that cloud computing gives companies the competitive edge they need to get in front of trends and capitalize on opportunities more quickly. The cloud will help your employees develop hustle and dexterity that directly affects their ability to respond to any customer inquiries, as well as design and manufacture your products. Not only does that mean more profits for your company, but it also gives smaller companies the ability to compete with larger ones.

Employees Can Work Remotely
Giving your employees the opportunity to work from home not only makes them happier, but studies have shown that they also work harder. Without the distractions of an office, employees are able to work faster and more efficiently. Giving your employees this option has also shown to prove that employees are more flexible with the times they’re needed to work or if they’re needed to work late.

A concern that some employers have with allowing their employees to work from home is the fear that they’ll take advantage. Saaswatch is designed to monitor your employee’s use of time, informing you where they’re spending their time online. Additionally, Saswatch can provide data on what categories of cloud software, often known as SaaS, are being accessed by your employees. Learn how to get started and how Saswatch will help you create a roll out plan for your company by clicking here.

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