Considering CASB? Make sure you properly identify your SAAS

With the growing popularity of cloud computing solutions, businesses are increasingly turning to cloud access security brokers, or CASBs, to protect their systems. CASBs defend and watch over your existing software, providing security encryption, regulatory compliance, and alerts to unauthorized system access from services like Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive, and other known services. While these brokers are effective at protecting your systems from breaches from known services, they fall short in properly identifying unknown cloud services or browser based applications. With web-based identification software, you can fill this gap and stay secure with all new cloud computing solutions.

Why Do I Need Web-Based Identification Software?

Employees in search of efficiency regularly utilize new services that are accessible from the browser, eliminating the need to install downloaded software. And this new software if often installed without consulting management; these programs may become well-established long before someone thinks to evaluate them for security and efficiency risks. Identification software keeps an eye on your company’s browser activities, logging the access to new services and categorizing their value.

  • Possible Risks– A proper identification system will evaluate whether the new software will introduce malware into the system, provide unauthorized access to sensitive information, or store new data in an unsecured manner.
  • Efficiency Issues– Using too many programs at once may reduce the company’s efficiency. For example, different departments use differing software belonging to the same category or use.
  • Purchasing & Licensing– Identification systems determine whether using a new software product will create legal or payment issues for your company, making it easier to avoid liabilities. Further, if rolled out company wide, you can determine the under-used subscription license.
  • Compliance– Identification software ensures that new used services comply with all applicable cyber security and quality codes. These include not only computing laws, but also international standards, such as those of the PCI Security Council. Proper Identification software can independently pre-identify found cloud service are in compliance, allowing you to focus on policy enforcement.

Adopting web-based identification software in tandem with a CASB is crucial for maintaining cloud security in a growing organization. Expanding businesses cannot avoid using new web-based applications, but with proper identification, they can incorporate those new services seamlessly into their existing security protocols. Increased risk thus need not be the price of growth.

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