5 Productivity Tools That Save Time and Increase Efficiency


Running a business can be time consuming. Between managing your employees, clients and projects, it’s likely you have very little time to yourself. Investing in certain tools designed to save you time, you’ll be able to relieve some stress and take some me-time. An added bonus, many tools designed to save time also increase efficiency, which leads to an increase in production and sales. Here are a few recommended tools:

1. Toggl
A tool used to track an employee’s time spent working, Toggl is an ideal tool for companies looking to increase efficiency. With one click of a button, employees can begin tracking their time and even label each time block with the project they’re working on. If your company employs any remote or hourly workers, this tool is set up with simple billing and will give you a clear breakdown of your employees work during working hours. Toggl also has options that will help your employees track the progress of the projects their working on, making collaboration projects simple. With mobile access, time can be tracked even when one is away from their computer.

Price: Free and paid plans starting at $9 per month
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2. Dialpad (formerly Switch Communications)
When you are busy and on the move, it’s not uncommon to walk away from your desk. With Dialpad, missing a call isn’t so daunting. This tool works seamlessly on your mobile phone and on your desktop. No more desk phone with a cord (what are those?! right?). It comes packed with features like messaging, visual voicemail, fax, transfer, 3-way calling and recording to name a few. With support for smaller organizations as well as large enterprise companies this is a tool that allows flexibility for your workforce as well as necessary IT controls.

Price: Plans starting at $12-29 per month per user, depending on the features and size of your company.
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3. SelfControl
With all of the interesting things on the internet, it’s easy to find yourself getting distracted at work. SelfControl is a tool that blocks your access from any website you put on your list, such as social media sites or celebrity gossip blogs. By setting a time for your limited internet access, you will be faced with less distractions. Great if you work for your self to provide some discipline, Even better for when you are managing a team and need to meet that deadline!

Price: FREE
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4. Trello
Trello is the ultimate organizational tool. It allows you to simply track your projects, attach any relevant documents, as well as share your progress with your team. You can ask your team questions within the dashboard, and they can comment on any of your projects. Ideal for increasing efficiency among a team or by yourself, Trello has made to-do lists a thing of the past.

Price: FREE
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5. Slack
Slack is after eliminating inter-office or team related email. With its chat interface, conversations take place faster than usual making you and your employees focus on work at hand. With easy drag-drop feature to share files and countless notifications based integration, Slack could be one of the most used applications in your company. Slack is available as an app on your mobile devices/desktop and as a web-based application.

Price: FREE to try. $8-15 per month per user, depending on features, storage and up-time SLA.
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