How & Why we Got Started – Part 2

Thanks for checking out part 2 of the motivation behind starting SaasWatch. You can read part 1 here. story of our story, part 2 story of our story, part 2 So when we last left off, I was faced with … Read More

How & Why we Got Started

We’re introducing a new series on the SaasWatch blog.

We want to tell our story because, we think the how and more importantly the why part of the reason that prompted us to start SaasWatch, is a story worth telling.

Considering CASB? Make sure you properly identify your SAAS

Why Do I Need Web-Based Identification Software? Employees in search of efficiency regularly utilize new services that are accessible from the browser, eliminating the need to install downloaded software. And this new software if often installed without consulting management; these programs may … Read More

Does Technology Make Us More or Less Productive in the Workplace?

How many applications does your company use?
The typical work environment has at least a dozen pieces of software in place, but some businesses end up in the triple digits. Everyone gets sold on the idea that adding more technology leads to constant productivity improvements, but you encounter a point of diminishing returns quickly. Discover whether common digital tools are helping or hurting your organization.

7 Salesforce Security Practices For SalesForce

Security concerns have prevented businesses from using cloud services for years, but there are many security practices that prevent breaches and will encourage teamwork among employees. Good SaaS companies recognize the risks associated and provide tools to their customers for … Read More

How Cloud Software Increases Employee Productivity

A concern that some employers have with allowing their employees to work from home is the fear that they’ll take advantage. Saaswatch is designed to monitor your employee’s use of time, informing you where they’re spending their time online. Additionally, … Read More

How Rogue Spend can kill your business!

Rogue spend: It can suck your company’s money right from under your nose, and you may not even know about it. What’s more, rogue spend or rogue spending often occurs in software and through areas such as the cloud, which … Read More