Indentify & Analyze Cloud Usage
for your Organization

Track cloud apps or SAAS services
with a simple company wide setup!

Services categorized daily,
allowing you to stay ahead of the curve.


We monitor employee web activity, so you don’t have to

Cloud software makes your employees’ job easier. But too much cloud software has a risk of causing inefficiencies in your company. Saaswatch allows company owners and stakeholders to know what services their employees are using. Know exactly what apps your employees are using from our constantly updated online reporting tool.

Once you sign up, we give you a URL to invite your employees to sign-up and install a browser extension (2 simple steps).
After this, you will start to see actionable reports summarizing their web activity on your own dashboard!

No, Extensions can be added to the browser and all interaction between your employees is handled via email. But we recommend discussing it with them.
To discuss it together with a member of our team, schedule a call with us!

We look at web browser activity without interruption and storing any private data. The data is then organized to find cloud services and categorized so you can sort through the usage, find hidden services and take appropriate next steps.

SaasWatch only monitors web browsing behavior on browsers where employees install the tacking extension. We respect the privacy of all users and will not share personally identifiable information outside of your organization. SaasWatch adheres to guidelines published by consumer advocacy group for employee privacy and monitoring.

SaasWatch works in the background, collecting data and providing you the best-in-class cloud services identification. Basically it does the busy work helping founders, company owners, purchasing or IT managers to use their time in solving operational deadlock which is often the result of using too many cloud services.

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